Children’s Dental Health

Tips for Your Children’s Dental Health

Dental health and its importance are not new to you as parents, while your children may have not any idea about that! They like to skip brushing time to watch a favorite cartoon for a few more seconds and prefer hard candies on Christmas eve to a bowl of vegetable soup! 

Therefore, you need to make sure of your children dental health with helping them build new habits. It takes time to teach them how to brush or teach them about tooth-friendly food but the benefits you’ll enjoy would be life-long! Don’t forget to make oral health a fun habit for your kids! 

Make Brushing and Flossing a Pleasant Habit 

Children are supposed to brush their teeth at least two times a day. Flossing is the second oral health practice that needs to be done for kids. But it is not an easy task to implement brushing and flossing habit without the cooperation of your children. We suggest you make brushing and flossing a pleasant habit for your kids by:

  • Provide your kids with anticavity fluoride toothpaste that are designed specifically for children. These products keep the attraction of kids with their small size, famous cartoon’s characters images, and sweet-smelling.
  • Watch “how to floss or brush” video clips on youtube, together and practice for a week. 
  • Ask a dentist to show you how to floss and brush your children teeth in an appointment! It may be a bit stressful for your children but you can ask the dentist to move the toothbrush on your teeth, instead.

Serve Appealing Tooth-Friendly Food

Sugary food such as candy, cookies, and chips which always on the favorite list of children, hurts teeth in the long term. However, you can encourage your son and daughter to replace them with healthy choices, by:

  • Asking them to accompany you in shopping cheese, meat or nuts and let them fill a basket and pay at the checkout
  • Growing your own veggies, fruits, and other tooth-friendly food indoors and involving your kids for watering them
  • Be inspired by the healthy food presentions on social media and serve them as a catchy snack while your child is playing
  • Invite your kid’s favorite doll to dine with her or him and enjoy a carrot party or other creative ideas for serving save-sugary and starchy food

Visit a Friendly Dentist

Choosing a patient-dentist and setting an appointment for your children teeth check-up will be essential to keep good oral health but is not enough. You need to prepare them ready for visiting a dentist by talking, reading books or watching video clips. It is also suggested to take your children to movies or park after this visit to create a good memory for kids. 

Share stories which embed health tips

Children under 10 years old are not a fan of “you must”s or “you have to”; They like games and stories, instead. This gives you an opportunity to inject essential health practices into a story. Use your imagination to narrate the story of a kid at the same age to teach them to do and not to do things and they’re consequences; such as avoid drinking from a friend’s bottle or sleeping with a fruit juice between teeth because the drops are not washed away with a toothbrush.

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