teeth bonding

Using a tooth-colored composite resin to repair your discolored, chipped or decayed tooth, is referred to as a tooth bonding. This process is called bonding because the mentioned material bonds to the teeth and you can have your tooth boned in a single visit. 

Read more to learn about the benefits of tooth bonding, its technical procedure and also to find where to receive tooth bonding services in Dallas Tx! 

What tooth bonding is used for?

Bonding is one of the inexpensive cosmetic dental procedures and also among the easiest ones! Many bond their teeth to improve the appearance of chipped or discolored ones or to close the spaces between them using dental insurance. It can be used as an alternative to amalgam fillings for protecting the tooth’s root which is in danger of receding gum or cavity.

How dental bonding is done?  

As we mentioned earlier, bonding can be done in a single visit; because unlike veneers, it is not manufactured in a laboratory and does not require a customized mold to achieve a proper fit.  There is no need for preparation, too. Since anesthesia often is not necessary, unless the bonding is chosen to fill a decayed tooth.

So the whole process may take you 30 minutes to go through the following steps:

  1.  A shade guide is used by your dentists to select the composite resin color that will match the color of the tooth most
  2.  After being abraded or etched, the surface of your tooth will be coated lightly with a conditioning liquid.
  3. Now your tooth is prepared and your dentist will apply the tooth-colored resin, which has been molded and smoothed to the proper shape
  4. The bonding material can chip yet. That’s why it is essential to harden it with ultraviolet light or laser so that your dentist could trim and shape it.
  5. Polishing the material until it matches the sheen of the rest of the tooth surface is the last thing that your dentist does to finish bonding your teeth.

How long does a bonding last? What threatens it?

A bonded tooth often can be repaired and last several years, depending on proper care habits pertaining to your good oral hygiene like daily brush and floss or cleaning your teeth regularly by a dental hygienist. 

However, you need to remember that it isn’t as strong as a natural tooth. So biting or chewing hard things can easily chip the material.

According to InteliHealth Inc report (2004), a number of substances can stain the resin namely as red wine, soda, tea, coffee, cigarette smoke and other. To prevent or minimize stains and care more for oral health, it’s important to avoid eating or drinking a few numbers of things for the first 48 hours after any procedure.

Need dentist for a professional cosmetic dentist to bond a tooth?

If you like natural teeth or want to improve your smile on your front teeth, it is very important to find a professional dental clinic to help you with cosmetic procedures.

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