Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges are suggested by your dentist when you have missing teeth. A dental bridge which is also called a false tooth (or pontic) can be made of a variety of materials such as gold, alloy, porcelain or any of them. During two dental visits, you can get a dental bridge and get rid of the problems you have faced with chewing or speaking. Read more to know about the procedure, cost and the best dental clinic in Dallas where you can get appropriate dental bridges.

What does a dental bridge do?

A pontic, false tooth or a dental bridge is held in the place that seems like a gap between your teeth. Dental bridges are used as a result to restore your ability to eat, chewing and speaking properly. They also give a balance and distribute the forces by replacing the missed teeth. Bridges play a preventive role for the remaining teeth to keep them protected from drifting out of position, too.

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What type of dental bridge is best for me?

Dental bridges have four main types of traditional bridges, cantilever bridges, resin-bonded bridges, and implant-supported bridges

Traditional bridges, made of porcelain fused to metal or ceramics, are the most common type of dental bridges. They involve a crown for the tooth or an implant on either sider od missing tooth.

Unlike a traditional dental bridge, cantilever bridges are used to adjust teeth on only one side of the gap. They are not also very common and cannot be used in the back of mouth due to pressure.

Resin bonded bridges or Maryland bridges are made of plastic, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal gums and teeth. A metal framework and in some cases, a porcelain framework support these bridges. Metal or porcelain wings are bonded to your real teeth and only on one side of the bridge.

Implant-supported bridges involve one surgery to embed the implants in the jaw bone and another surgery to places the bridge. This process may take you a month to finish and is longer to get an implant supported bridge than any other type of dental bridges.

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How to get a dental bridge?

Dental Bridge Care

You can get a dental bridge in two appointments. Multiple visits, however, may be required after getting a permanent bridge to make sure it fits your teeth.

At first visit, your dentist will start the process with the preparation of abutment teeth for getting a dental bridge, which involves the of a portion of the enamel and recontouring the teeth. After that, he or she will make the impressions of your teeth as a model based on which the bridge, pontic and crowns will be made. Then you will get a temporary bridge to protect your teeth and gums till next appointment.

During the second appointment, the temporary bridge will be replaced by the permanent one which is a new metal or porcelain bridge. The dentist will check how your new dental bridge fits and adjust it if it is needed. More visits may be suggested in this case.

If the new dental bridge is a fixed one, then the dentist will cement it in its place and asks you to go for a checkup after two weeks.

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How much does it cost me to get a dental bridge?

Different factors affect the price of dental bridges; including the number of missing teeth, the materials used in, the difficulty of the placement, surgeries in implant-supported dental bridges, and further costs for additional treatments which may be needed in multiple visits after getting permanent bridges. Traditional or cantilever bridges cost you least than other 3 types while the implant supported bridges cost you more than all.

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