broken teeth

It’s such a sick feeling to notice something in your mouth while having a frozen fruit smoothie that you don’t want to believe it but yes! That’s a part of your tooth that is broken!

Many external events can lead to a cracked tooth, such as receiving a blow to the face or simply crunching a piece of hard candy. Teeth cavities and old bonding materials are some other internal events that can weaken you too and leads to minor cracks in your teeth. 

You may not have a toothache but…  

A chipped tooth or even broken teeth are unlikely to cause much pain, except for the time that a large piece of your tooth breaks off. In this case, the broken tooth pain can be constant or may come and go.

You should not neglect such an ache by saying it hurts only when you drank something hot or cold. For it can bring nerve damage or infection!

Searching for home remedies? Or see a dentist? 

There is no permanent relief to your cracked toothache at home for it’s considered as a dental emergency! You also need to see your dentist ASAP for your broken tooth before it endangers your tooth’s nerve and requires a root canal treatment. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth with warm salt water until you get to a dental clinic.  

How would your dentist help with a broken tooth?

There are different types of breaks & as a result, different treatments; including:

_Minor chips do not often need a serious treatment than a polish; unless your dentist suggests you have a tooth-colored composite resin for your front teeth or any other dental veneers to make sure of repaired damage.

_Craze lines or Minor cracks, only affect the surface of your tooth (enamel). These are lightly polished when your dentist tries to smooth out any rough spots.

_Cracked tooth needs filling material or a root canal if the pulp seems to be damaged.

_Broken cusps affect the chewing surface of the teeth so on-lay or crown will be required to restore the tooth’s shape. 

_Your tooth may be removed in Vertical breaks (split root) or in Decay-induced breaks. 

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