Braces Discomfort Pain Relief in Dallas Tx

The look of metal braces and the discomfort right after getting the wires tightened are probably the big fears about getting braces. Both your gums and teeth may hurt when your orthodontist put the braces but there are practical ways to reduce this pain. Read more to learn how to get braces pain relief and the best dental clinic to refer to for orthodontic treatment in Dallas Tx!

1. Desensitize your teeth and gums 

You can rub oral anesthetic by a cotton swab or your finger directly on your teeth and gums so not to feel the braces discomfort. Anbesol or Orajel are among the suggested oral anesthetic which can numb your teeth and alleviate discomfort. 

2. Apply an ice pack

Applying a cold pack of small ice cubes can work as an icepack and will numb your mouth. Hold your ice pack or gel icepack outside of your mouth to reduces the braces. That works due to the magical effect of cold temperature on pain relief.

3. Mold an orthodontic wax

Orthodontic waxes are usually prescribed by your dentist to protect the inner part of your mouth from the brackets of braces. You can use wax simply by molding it over the bracket with which you experience irritation. You don’t need to take it off while eating meals but have to do so before brushing your teeth. Reapply your orthodontic wax after having lunch and dinner.

4. Heal any sores with a warm rinse

If you feel a cut in your mouth after putting braces or any sores, try a warm salt water sine. This will do the trick like cold icepack with your braces.

5. Try an ice cube massage!

Rub your gums with a block of ice, in a circular fashion relieve your brace discomfort. The cold temperature reduces inflammation of your swollen gums by 2-3 times of applying these ice blocks. 

6. Time to enjoy an icy diet!

Other cold foods and drinks, such as smoothies, popsicles, yogurt, and ice cream can also ease your pain due to their cold temperature. 

7. Have softer foods as much as you can

Due to many restrictions that traditional metal wire braces bring to your teeth, it would not be easy for you to keep eating your favorite hard or crunchy snacks; such as chocolate candies, chips or raw vegetables. No worries man! There are still a few more choices on the table: Soups, mashed potatoes, and cereal as soft food are still available to eat and won’t make much trouble for your braces. Hmm, they’re not perfect but a cool alternative till your dentist finishes wire adjustment. Aren’t they?

8. Take over-the-counter pain medicine

You can take over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen before your appointment with your dentist to feel less pain. Counter pain medication is not suggested on a consistent basis so don’t hesitate to see a dentist if your pain and discomfort take longer than a couple of ways. 

9. Practice patience 

If you have gone through all mentioned pain relievers while dealing with braces pain and have not got your expected result yet, you need to be patient. Remember the reasons made you put braces, the healthy teeth and an attractive smile in all of the photos, maybe! The newly tightened braces can calm you down by reminding you this pain worths it!

Any modification that dentists make in each session such as bending, tightening or replacing the metal archwires or elastic ties on them, is essential to monitor the progress. They adjust wires to make sure your teeth are moving toward the best position.

Need for a professional dentist for a lost crown or filling?

It is so important to choose the right and professional orthodontist who makes the whole process easier and keep you comfortable throughout your treatment by using up-to-date advances. 

Your decision for getting braces has been really important and you should not be doubtful of the pressure on your teeth has hurt you. For more technical ways to reduce the discomfort of the braces or a consultation on other oral health issues, never hesitate to call us at Dr.H’s dental clinic where a group of dentists and orthodontists are available to provide you with  24/7 dental services!

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