Abscessed Tooth

Do you feel any throbbing pain near your tooth, in your gums or even its radiation to your ear, jaw or neck? These can be symptoms of an abscessed tooth which should be treated by a professional dentist right away.

Read more about abscessed teeth symptoms, types, and causes of an abscessed tooth. You can also find out where you can find the best medical care for it in Dallas TX! 

What are the main symptoms of an abscessed tooth?

A tooth abscess can lead to a severe pain which sometimes radiates to your ear or neck. It usually gets worse over time, especially when you lie down or chew.

Red gums or swelling face with facial redness and in some emergency dental cases, discolored or dislodge tooth notify an abscess.

The pocket of pus which has formed in your abscessed tooth can cause tooth sensitivity, bad breath and a foul taste in the mouth besides swollen nodes under your jaw, due to bacterial infection.

Causes and types of tooth abscess

As it was mentioned, bacterial infection plays the main role in three major types of tooth abscess.

In a periapical abscess and through a cavity, Bactria enters the pulp of your tooth, makes a collection of pus at the root of it.

The soft tissue of the gum is where periodontal abscess happens due to infection, injury, or gum diseases. 

Weak oral health care creates the third form of abscess which is known as a gingival abscess; where a sharp object like an infected brush causes the infection to spread.

Is there any home remedies for dental abscess?

Treatment for an abscessed tooth is about cleaning the infection so it’s hard to say there is an absolute home remedy for relieving the pain.  However, rinsing warm salty water and taking over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs (gelophen, ibuprofen, etc.) help you with temporary relief.

How does your dentist treat an abscessed tooth?

  1. In order to trace the infection and to see if it’s spread, your dentist may start with a dental X-ray. With having the result in hand and the type and severity of your dental abscess, one of these treatments may be chosen:
  2. To drain out the abscess a small cut may be made to clean up the infection, following by a saline solution.
  3. To remove any infected pulp which is spread deeper, you may be suggested a root canal procedure. After drilling and draining out the abscess, your pulp chamber (holding your pulp) will be filled and sealed for a root canal. Your dentist may cap the abscessed tooth with a crown to increase its strength.
  4. Antibiotics would also be prescribed to help you improve your weakened immune system and clean up the infection.
  5. In the third type of dental abscess which is usually caused by a foreign object, the remaining part of such objects will be removed and the whole area would be cleaned with saline water.

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